Certificate of Proficiency ECPE
 Michigan University;

What is the Ceritificate of Proficiency in English of Michigan?

The Certificate of Proficiency (ECPE) constitutes an official certification of knowledge of the English language at the C2 level, as outlined by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).   

It is awarded by the  University of Michigan, one of the leading U.S. Universities in the field of linguistic research, with lengthy experience in establishing and developing a broad range of English language examinations. 

The ECPE is officially recognized in Greece by the state (Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection) and the private sector as a C2 level certification of English language competence.

It is also recognized in several countries and can be used for academic and professional purposes.

For more information concerning the validity of the ECPE for academic purposes, its holders should address the academic institutions to which they intend to submit it. ECPE holders can obtain the corresponding proficiency certification (“eparkeia”) from the Greek Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs. 

 Format and Content of the ECPE Michigan

  • The three first parts (Writing, Listening, and GCVR) comprise the written section of the examination and they are all administered at the same day. The fourth part, the Speaking Test, is administered before or after or even at the same day of the written examinations.

  • The format and the content of the test of the examination reflect the general language preparation, the methodology and the teaching material used for the learning of English as a foreign language.

  • Standard American accents are used in the recording for the listening section. Candidates are not exposed to dialects or background noise. Candidates hear only the speakers' voices and thus they do not risk having their scores unfavorably affected by external factors. 

  • Speaking Exam: Examinees participate in a semistructured, multistage task involving two (or three) examinees and two examiners.

    Paired format: 25-35 minutes or (Three-way format: 35-45 minutes)

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